President Ho Chi Minh’s great affection for children

President Ho Chi Minh always gave the most loving affection to children (Viet Bac, 1950).

Uncle Ho with children in Viet Bac in 1952.

Uncle Ho visited a kindergarten at the Viet Bac war zone on May 19, 1953.

Uncle Ho celebrated with children on International Children's Day 1969.

Uncle Ho and Mongolian children (July 1955)

Uncle Ho with children at the Presidential Palace

President Ho Chi Minh welcomed children at the Presidential Palace on the Mid-Autumn Festival in 1961.

Uncle Ho with international children

Uncle Ho read newspapers to children at a children's camp in Viet Bac, 1950.

President Ho Chi Minh watched a child practice spelling while visiting a beginner class on Hang Than Street, Hanoi in 1958.

Uncle Ho with brave children in the Southern Vietnam


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