Women worship Uncle Ho at home

The model of hanging Uncle Ho's picture has spread widely among the people. (Photo: hochiminh.vn)

 Now, this model has spread deeper and wider among cadres, students and women, showing respect to the beloved Uncle Ho as well as helping each cadre and student to learn and follow his ideology and morality.

Since the model was launched, together with the students and women in the hamlet, Ms. Tran Thu Thuy, living in Hamlet 1, regularly cleans the walls of the house. In the living room, people prepare a solemn and respectful place to hang Uncle Ho's photo next to the family's ancestral altar, so that every day when she burns incense on the altar, she can see Uncle Ho's photo as a way to remember the beloved leader of the nation. This work has been done by her family for many years.

Ms. Thuy shared, "Uncle Ho sacrificed his whole life for the country, for the people. Our people, current generations always remember his great merit. Not only my family, but many others hang Uncle Ho’s photo. Following Uncle Ho's words is like living a good life, living a useful life; we must learn Uncle Ho's thought, morality, and style by doing small and practical things."

And Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong, living in Hamlet 1, set aside a separate table to put Uncle Ho's picture right in the middle of the living room, showing her family's solemnity and respect for Uncle Ho. According to Ms. Phuong, hanging Uncle Ho's picture is not only to remember Uncle Ho, but also to teach children and grandchildren in the family to always try to study and follow Uncle Ho's teachings.

She said that the family has a revolutionary tradition, so hanging Uncle Ho's picture has been done for a long time by my parents to commemorate his merits. On anniversaries such as Uncle Ho's birthday, Uncle Ho's death anniversary, important local holidays or events, or important family days, she offers incense, flowers, and fruits to honor Uncle Ho.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nur, living in Hamlet 1, said that when he built a decent house, his family put Uncle Ho's photo next to his grandparents and ancestors to burn incense to commemorate daily. “I see this as a model of great significance in training myself and teaching my children and grandchildren to live a useful life for society,” he said.

The model of Women's Union hanging Uncle Ho's photo contributes to showing the initiative and creativity of the Vietnam Women's Union in Tan Hoa Commune, creating a high consensus in society, and actively responding to a large number of officials, students, and women in particular and the general population, thereby, contributing to enliven learning and following Uncle Ho's example by simple, concrete and practical actions in studying and working in daily life./.


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