Ho Chi Minh cultural space inaugurated by HCMC Women's Union

Delegates at the exhibition (Photo: hcmcpv.org.vn)

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Chairwoman of the HCMC Women's Union Nguyen Tran Phuong Tran said that over the past time, women's unions at all levels in the city have made efforts and actively organized many activities to build the Ho Chi Minh cultural space with the essence of women in the Southern region, of which Uncle Ho concluded in golden words "Hero, indomitable, loyal, courageous", by many creative and effective ways, such as: building Ho Chi Minh cultural space at headquarters of the women's unions at all levels, especially building Ho Chi Minh cultural space at a number of nuns' associations and hostels, thereby spreading President Ho Chi Minh's thoughts and ethics about humanity, love, sharing, social welfare, and helping each other to develop. All those good gestures and positive spirit are the results drawn from women in the city studying and following President Ho Chi Minh over the past time.

According to Ms. Tran, the Ho Chi Minh cultural space not only exists at a specific location, but also has been built by women’s unions at all levels with many specific ideas and activities with specific characteristics of each class in the form of tangible or intangible space, even in cyberspace to communicate and promote in a visual and vivid way to contribute to spreading Ho Chi Minh’s thought, ethics and style to be closer to each people in the city.

She desires that in the coming time, women’s unions at all levels need to take initiative in cooperation to build Ho Chi Minh cultural space in localities, continue to make efforts to create and build the Ho Chi Minh cultural space; promptly detect, praise and spread the shining examples of typical women in all fields; building the image of women in the city “Unity, humanity, dynamism, creativity”, thereby creating inspiration and great motivation for each women’s union member in life, helping them make more contributions to their family and society./.


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