"Uncle Ho and Border Guard soldiers" Monument completed in northern province

Delegates pull the ribbon to inaugurate the monument "Uncle Ho with Border Guard soldiers" (Photo: baolangson.vn)

The construction of the monument "Uncle Ho and Border Guard soldiers" started in February, reflecting the image of Uncle Ho considerately instructing a soldier of the Armed People's Public Security (now the Border Guard).

Uncle Ho's statue is carved of monolithic stone, is 1.5 meters high, weighing nearly 3 tons. The monument's courtyard is paved and clad with garito stone, with a total area of 25 square meters. On the front side, there is a plaque inscribed with Uncle Ho's verse instructing cadres and soldiers at the 1st Congress of Emulation Soldiers of the People's Armed Police force on March 2, 1962, held in the capital Hanoi.

The project was built with a total cost of VND266 million.

This is a work of profound political and humanistic significance, contributing to traditional education, reminding Border Guard officers and soldiers to always unite, build a strong and comprehensive unit, and firmly protect the border of the country./.


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