Seminar on value of President Ho Chi Minh’s legacy opens in Hanoi

The overview of the seminar (Source:

The event received more than 40 papers and reports from experts and scientists.

At the seminar, participants analysed and clarified the sustainable values of Ho Chi Minh's legacy to the Vietnamese and the world revolutions, thereby affirming its value in the country’s struggle for national independence, socialism building, and current reforms.

They also underscored the importance of the collection and preservation of as well as communications on artifacts, documents and relics related to the founder of the modern Vietnam.

The same day, an exhibition featuring more than 200 photos and document about the late President in his role as a great leader, a man of great culture, and a symbol of friendship around the world was held at the Ho Chi Minh square in Vinh city in his home province of Nghe An. The event lasts until May 19./.


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