Street festival held to mark President Ho Chi Minh’s 133rd birthday

A performance at the street festival (Photo:

The street festival, which was first held, aims to introduce, promote and honor the cultural heritage of the ethnic groups in Nghe An province to friends, domestic and foreign tourists. The festival has the participation of more than 900 artists, actors, artisans from 21 art troupes of the province’s districts, cities and towns, Nghe An Provincial Traditional Art Center, Thanh Hoa Provincial Art Troupe and dance groups in Nghe An’s Vinh city.

The festival consists of three main parts. At the festival, the art troups performed traditional art forms, typical and unique cultural heritages of many regions and ethnic regions, making a deep impression on the audience.

The festival has helped people and visitors better understand the unique cultural features of the region, and appreciate the values and cultural quintessence of ethnic groups from 21 localities of the province. This beauty is being preserved, transmitted by localities, and gradually will create attractive products for tourism development./.


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