Beloved Uncle Ho's hometown

The house of Nguyen Sinh Sac, President Ho Chi Minh’s father, in Sen village, Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province, where the Vietnamese people’s great President spent his childhood.

According to historical documents, Uncle Ho’s father passed the national exam and local people built this  house to welcome him.

Simple items in the house of Uncle Ho’s father

The house of President Ho Chi Minh’s grandfather in the same village

The entrance to the house of Vuong Hoang My, neighbour of Uncle Ho’s father.

The house of Mr. Vuong Hoang My.

Tru village, the hometown of Uncle Ho’s mother

The home of Hoang Xuan Duong, grandfather of President Ho Chi Minh. The house is simple but very special because this is where Uncle Ho was born and lived for the first 5 years of childhood.

President Ho Chi Minh’s grandfather was a patriotic scholar, who was respected by people.

His personality and simple lifestyle received great admiration.

The entrance to the home of Hoang Xuan Thuc, Hoang Xuan Duong’s neighbour in Tru village

Houses in Sen and Tru villages have been preserved with their traditional architecture, in order to preserve the peaceful living space. This is also an impressive highlight for many domestic and foreign tourists visiting Uncle Ho's hometown.


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