Author of song “Who loves Uncle Ho more than teenagers” dies at age 97

Musician Phong Nha and children (Source:

Musician Phong Nha, who composed the song “Who loves Uncle Ho more than teenagers” took his last breath at 4:8 am on March 28th at the age of 97.

The musician’s real name is Nguyen Van Tuong, born in 1924, in Duy Tien district, the northern province of Ha Nam. His whole life has been associated with children and youth activities. He composed more than 250 songs for children.

The song "Who loves Uncle Ho more than teenagers" is one of his famous songs on children with Uncle Ho. It was released in late 1945, one of the most difficult times.

Musician Phong Nha was awarded the State Prize for literature and art in 2001, the second-class France Resistance War medal , the first-class US Resistance War medal and a medal for the music cause.

In addition, he was also the first editor-in-chief of the Youth and Teenager Newspaper./.


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