Works by President Ho Chi Minh confirm everlasting value

The set of books “Ho Chi Minh and Communist Party” (Photo:

Talking about the books, Chairman of the house’s Council of Members Duong Thanh Truyen said that the books, which include 2 sets “Ho Chi Minh – Work” and “Reading Communist Party’s declaration”, were key books on show at the exhibition welcoming the 90th Party anniversary from February 2nd-9th.

The set “Ho Chi Minh – Work” consists of 5 works: Our Country’s History written in 1942, New Life written in 1947, Reforming Working Style written in 1947, Increasing Revolutionary Morality and Sweeping Out Individualism written in 1969 and Will written in 1969. “The value of what he wrote remains original at present,” said Mr. Truyen.

Introducing the set “Reading Communist Party’s declaration”, Mr. Truyen said that the set instructs youngsters to read classic works Communist Party’s declaration written by Karl Marx and Engles. “The books are published in passport size that can be portable and used as materials for Party and Youth Union meetings, as well as presents during the Party Congresses.

Mr. Truyen added that since 2014, the year marking 45th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s Testament, 9,000 books are re-printed each year, and similar printing of passport-sized books has been carried out with Uncle Ho’s other works. “It is interesting that the Ho Chi Minh Heritage Bookcase which has been developed over the past 20 years with 50 books has proven its vitality on the market,” said Mr. Truyen. “Many books are re-printed many times, especially those written by Uncle Ho.”

“The works inspire readers while researchers and scientists continue to seek in them a lot of stories, lessons, visions and solutions to current life problems,” he went on to say. “Uncle Ho left a huge asset for the following generations to study and develop, not only intellectually but also in the country’s culture.”

According to Mr. Truyen, the Tre Publishing House follows the central level’s guidelines and annual subjects to seek suitable works. In 2020, to mark the 90th Party anniversary and Party Congresses, researchers are developing the scripts of Ho Chi Minh’s discussions on the Party, cadres and solidarity./.


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