Foreign friend praises CPV leadership

Under the leadership of the CPV, the Vietnamese people have increasingly prosperous, happy and developed lives. It is also the desire of many peoples and many Communist Parties in the world.

General Secretary of the Egyptian Communist Party Salah Adly Abdelhafiz (Photo: CPV)

So said General Secretary of the Communist Party of Egypt Salah Adly Abdelhafiz, during an interview granted for Voice of Vietnam (VOV) on the occasion of the CPV’s 90th anniversary (February 3rd). 

Reporter: As a close friend of the Vietnamese people, how do you evaluate the development of Vietnam?

Mr. Salah Adly Abdelhafiz: We highly appreciate and hope that Vietnam will develop more and more.

The socialist market mechanism has provided Vietnam with firm development in the context of globalization.

That shows how Vietnam successfully implemented the renewal process and built a socialist country.

Reporter: How do you assess the CPV’s leading role in the development of Vietnam at present?

Mr. Salah Adly Abdelhafiz: The CPV has led the country of Vietnam to comprehensive successes, especially in building socialism and promoting the development of the people. All of this is thanks to the proper leadership of the CPV.

That has brought the success of Vietnam in recent years. Many Communist Parties want to learn and implement the policies and experience from the CPV, especially the relationship and consensus of will between the people and the Party.

Reporter: How can you talk about the solidarity between the CPV and the Communist Parties around the world at present?

Mr. Salah Adly Abdelhafiz: Vietnam was a poor country in difficulty after the war. However, it has developed strongly and gained prestige in the region and in the world.

The CPV always struggles and protects the nations of the world against injustice and oppression. It also stands side by side with other brother Communist Parties. That is a respectable effort of the Vietnamese people and the CPV.

We always pay great respect to the CPV and Vietnamese people, especially in the struggle against invasion and oppression in accordance with the way of the great President Ho Chi Minh, as well as in the struggle for national freedom and independence.

Vietnam today is in the process of building and developing a modern and innovative country.

Reporter: Thank you./.


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