Ninety years of CPV highlighted through exhibits

Diverse precious exhibits and documents relating to President Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) are on display at the Vietnam National Museum of History, on the occasion of the Party’s 90th anniversary. 

They include the work “Duong Kach Menh” by leader Nguyen Ai Quoc (1927) which was recognised a national treasure by the Prime Minister in 2012; objects of Party General Secretaries; and newspapers and flyers of the Party before September 2nd, 1945. 

The exhibition will last until mid-April. 

Duong Kach Menh by leader Nguyen Ai Quoc

Precious documents include the Declaration of Independence by President Ho Chi Minh in 1945; the book “Our nation’s history” written by leader Nguyen Ai Quoc in 1941; the 8th Indochina Communist Party meeting resolution in 1941; the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1946; and the song “Tien Quan ca” by musician Van Cao in 1944.

Documents, images and exhibits on Dien Bien Phu Victory in 1954

Chopsticks and bowl that Uncle Ho use in Cao Bang province in 1941

Documentaries on the victory on April 30th, 1974, for national reunification.

The book “The indictment of French colonialism” by Nguyen Ai Quoc, published in France in 1925. 

Newspapers and flyers contributed to encouraging soldiers and the public to struggle for national liberation.

The exhibition attracts a large number of viewers.


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