Overseas Vietnamese in Cambodia commemorate President Ho Chi Minh
phuong huyen (phuonghuyen53@gmail.com)

Ambassador Vu Quang Minh offers incense at the event (Photo: VNA)

Speaking at the ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia Vu Quang Minh emphasized that this was a great event, and the party members of the Party Committee in Cambodia are proud of the 90-year history of the CPV. The rich reality of the Vietnamese revolution over the past 90 years has proved that the right leadership of the CPV is the decisive factor for all victories of the revolution, making many miracles.

He added that over the past 90 springs, the CPV has constantly developed theoretical thinking about socialism and the path to socialism in Vietnam, gradually supplementing and perfecting the comprehensive innovation path in all areas of social life.

“Along with the innovation in theoretical thinking and economic direction, in practical guidance, the Party has timely, creatively and flexibly adjusted economic policies in accordance with the country's reality and development trends; at the same time, it also arouses and promotes all potentials and strengths of the country and economic sectors, as well as the strength of the great unity bloc of the entire nation.

Mr. Ta Xuan Thanh, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Vietnamese Embassy in Cambodia, said that the incense offering ceremony to commemorate President Ho Chi Minh is a practical and meaningful activity for all Vietnamese people, especially party members working or studying abroad. 

Since January 2016, the Party Committee of the Vietnamese Embassy in Cambodia has admitted 33 party members.

The discovery and fostering of excellent students and employees, who deserve admission to the Party is the most important task, because they can be young promising personnel to serve Vietnamese agencies and enterprises in Cambodia in the future./.


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