Uncle Ho’s affection for Hanoi capital city

President Ho Chi Minh used an agricultural machine in Hanoi. (Photo: VNA)

He used to write that the whole country looks to the capital, and the world looks to the capital; therefore, we have to maintain order and security, making the capital peaceful, beautiful and healthy.

When Hanoi was liberated, President Ho Chi Minh determined to develop it into a comprehensively strong capital city. He advised the Hanoi Party Committee and people to be responsible for maintaining and developing the capital’s customs and traditions, making it a prosperous example for the whole country.

One of the most important tasks that President Ho Chi Minh advised the Hanoi Party Committee was to pay attention to personnel work. In his speech at the Conference of cadres of the whole Hanoi Party Committee on April 25th, 1959, President Ho Chi Minh once again reiterated the exemplary role of each Party member. “The Hanoi Party Committee must set an example for other Party Committees,” he said. The exemplary Hanoi Party Committee will contribute to bringing the northern region to socialism, a strong basis for the struggle to unify the country.”

President Ho Chi Minh also pointed out the most basic task of the Hanoi Party Committee is to restore and develop the economy, and stabilize people’s life, thus continuously improving people’s material and spiritual life. He reminded the Hanoi Party Committee to show good leadership in all areas, including industry, agriculture, culture and education, by relying on the people, mobilizing resources from the people, thus benefiting the people. 

President Ho Chi Minh always had affection, special attention and confidence in the huge potential of classes of people in Hanoi. Since 1955, he always went to give Happy New Year greetings to Hanoians. According to the statistics of Ho Chi Minh Museum, 173 relics in the inner city and 44 relics in the suburbs marked memories of President Ho Chi Minh.

Obeying President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings, since its liberation, Hanoi has continuously strived to become an exemplary city in many areas. In particular, in the renewal process, Hanoi has gained important achievements in all areas of social life./.


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