Exhibition on collectives and individuals showing performance in studying and following Uncle Ho’s example

Visitors to the exhibition (Source: hanoimoi.com.vn)

The event is held to mark the 131st birthday of the national leader (May 19, 1890-2021) and the 110 years since he left the country to embark on a journey around the world to seek ways to savage the country (June 5, 1911-2021).

It aims to encourage and honour role models who perform good deeds across the country, helping turn the studying and following President Ho Chi Minh thoughts, moral example and style into a regular activity of the whole Party, people and army in the current national construction and defence.

Through more than 200 documents, articles and items, the exhibition highlights stories about normal people with incredible strength to overcome their difficulties to make contributions to the community and the national construction and defence.

The exhibition will run at Hanoi-based Ho Chi Minh Museum until the end of September./.


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