President Ho Chi Minh leaves deep impression on Russian people

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That is the feeling of Roman Karmen, the famous Soviet film director, and it seems to be the common feeling of all Russians who had the opportunity to meet, work, and interact with President Ho Chi Minh. These memories are gathered in the book entitled "The Russians write about President Ho Chi Minh".

The book was published with the cooperation of the Russia - Vietnam Friendship Association, the Vietnam - Russia Friendship Association and the Information and Communications Publishing House, to mark the 130th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19th) and the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Russia.

These are very valuable documents recording the deepest and most truthful impressions of Russians on President Ho Chi Minh, from when he was a secret revolutionary activist, to when he became a great leader of the Vietnamese people. Seventeen stories are seventeen memories bringing back a vivid portrait of President Ho Chi Minh from many angles, in many different situations, highlighting a great but simple and sincere person, thus expressing the deep affection of the Russian people towards President Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese people.

The authors in the book are those who have been attached to the Vietnamese people during the years of resistance wars, as well as the difficult and challenging periods of national construction. There are prestigious scholars or those who hold important positions in Russian society, including Grigori Belov, Head of Soviet Union military expert group; Prof. Dr. Nikulin, Orientalist researcher; Vitali Tsarenko, Soviet Union Foreign Affairs officer; Rasit Khamidulin, Russian Ambassador; and famous Russian poet Oxip Mandelstam. There are people who used to work as translators for President Ho Chi Minh or used to work with him, but there are also people who only met President Ho Chi Minh once. However, all created wonderful moments of life, an unforgettable gift.

There is a common point in the memories of the Russians that they all feel the sincere and deep love of President Ho Chi Minh for Russia and its people. He used the Russian language fluently; and had profound understanding about the Russian culture.

Now nearly a century since President Ho Chi Minh arrived in Russia and spent 6 years in Russia, until his lasting days, he consistently emphasized that Vietnamese people never forget its victory that was attached with the great help of the Soviet people and the powerful solidarity of the Russian people./.


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