Vietnamese great leaders highlighted on foreign press

President Ho Chi Minh spoke to more than 30,000 workers of Vysočina Industrial Park during a visit to Czechoslovakia (July 17th, 1957). (Documentary photo)

The article also highlighted the exemplary model of President Ho Chi Minh's revolutionary morality, and affirmed that his thoughts had become the ideological foundation of the Communist Party of Vietnam, lighting the nation’s revolutionary career.

The article concluded that President Ho Chi Minh always strived to build solidarity for true proletarian internationalism, finding solutions for the struggle to liberate humanity. President Ho Chi Minh's life is a noble symbol of the spirit of revolution, independence, patriotism, and love for people and justice. He left a great love, an intelligent mind, a deep and ever-lasting vision, according to the article.

The Republic of Korea’s AJU newspaper recently published an article by Professor An Kieng Hoan from Chosun University praising President Ho Chi Minh. The article affirmed that President Ho Chi Minh had written a new page of Vietnam’s history, and is respected by the Vietnamese people as the greatest hero in the nation's history.

According to the article, President Ho Chi Minh was the embodiment of the patriotic ideal, as he devoted his whole life to people’s independence, freedom and happiness. He is respected by the whole Vietnamese people.

The professor also asserted in the article that knowledge about President Ho Chi Minh is very important for promoting exchanges and cooperation between the Republic of Korea and Vietnam./.


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