Brazilian newspaper highlights President Ho Chi Minh

The article and photos about President Ho Chi Minh on Brazil's Brasilia in Foco newspaper on May 18th (Photo:

This article was also republished by several other Portuguese newspapers of Brazil. It praises President Ho Chi Minh as a light that has been shining for 130 years and as the leader of the Vietnamese people’s escape from the yoke of colonialism and empire.

Quoting from the song “Right to live in peace” by Chilean musician Victor Jara, the author sent a message to readers that Ho Chi Minh brought the right to live in peace from Vietnam to all mankind with no cannon able to erase this right.

Comparing the histories of the two countries, both Brazil and Vietnam were dominated by colonial regimes (Brazil was colonized by Portugal since 1500 and Vietnam was colonized by France in 1858), both were exploited in resources and labor force. But Vietnam has a path of national liberation and escape from colonial yoke different from Brazil’s when it was led by Kim Lien's son, President Ho Chi Minh.

Vietnam has a tradition of fighting against foreign invaders, notably the resistance war against Yuan invaders from the 13th century. Following that tradition, President Ho Chi Minh devoted his life to the struggle to liberate the people from domination and invasion by the French, Japanese and Americans.

The author said that the origin of Ho Chi Minh's ideology came from the patriotic and humanistic tradition of the people of Vietnam, the progressive ideas in the early 20th century in Europe, and the Marxist-Angolist system and Lenin's thought of colonization.

On this occasion, the author also introduced the book about Ho Chinh Minh’s life and career, the leader of the national liberation of Vietnam, by the Brazil-Vietnam Friendship Association and the Vietnamese Embassy in Brazil./.


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