Egyptian officials praise President Ho Chi Minh

Mr. Nuri Abdel remembers his meeting with President Ho Chi Minh in China in 1950. (Photo: VOV)

A nation dominated, oppressed and exploited stood up to fight for independence and has strived to become an economic tiger in Southeast Asia after more than four decades, which made them love Vietnam even more and respect President Ho Chi Minh.

Most Egyptians know about Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh. Egyptian people’s familiar saying with admiration and respect is "Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh". The Vietnamese nation is like many other nations in the world but it did miracles under the leadership of President Ho Chi Minh, a preeminent leader.

Ambassador Moheb El Samra, a senior Egyptian diplomat, said that President Ho Chi Minh was a symbol of encouragement and great influence on the national liberation movement of African countries, Egypt and many nations in the world. Any struggle for liberation of the peoples in Asia, as well as peoples worldwide, took Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh as a flag to fight for independence."

Since the first days of his finding a way to save the country, President Ho Chi Minh visited Egypt and he also came to the country of the pyramids twice more after that. It was historical evidence for the solidarity and friendship between Vietnam and Egypt, creating an important milestone in bilateral relations.

Former Egyptian Ambassador to Vietnam Reda El Taify affirmed that President Ho Chi Minh was a great leader not only of Vietnamese people, but also in third world countries in Asia and Africa. “Therefore, people here respect the leader Ho Chi Minh very much,” he said.

According to the former ambassador, Ho Chi Minh was one of the world leaders who played a very important role in the fight against foreign aggressors and his great sacrifice helped shape Vietnam's history. “The world and Egyptian people never forget President Ho Chi Minh's role as a prominent leader,” he added.

Despite his old age of 90, Nuri Abdel from the Asia Africa Solidarity Committee, remembered in pride that he had met President Ho Chi Minh in 1950 in China. His most profound impression of Uncle Ho was that he was an outstanding leader but very simple and close to the people.

“I met many great and influential leaders in the world. But at that time, President Ho Chi Minh was the world’s number-one leader after the 2nd World War with the victory of the Soviet Red Army. He devoted his whole life to the struggle for national liberation, but he led a very simple life and always loved the people, ” he said.

Nowadays Egyptian people admire Vietnam’s development in Southeast Asia and Asia, as well as its reaching out strongly to the world.

Many Egyptian economists and experts have learned about Vietnam's economic and investment policies and issued analysis such as "Vietnam - the economic tiger in Southeast Asia" or "How has the Vietnamese economy risen from the bottom?” They consider Vietnam an emerging market with a dynamic and diverse economy to learn from./.


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