Unique Ho Chi Minh street in India

Kolkata city with about 11 million people is India's third largest city. The city is the capital of West Bengal state,
which served as the capital of India during the British colonial period.


 Once the capital of India during the British colonial period, the people in Kolkata city have been strongly influenced
by Vietnam's national liberation movement since 1945. With that inspiration, the Indian people
stood up for independence from British colonial rule in 1947.

In the heart of Kolkata city, Indians have named a street after Ho Chi Minh to commemorate the national liberation inspiration. Memorial board of President Ho Chi Minh on the street named after him in Kolkata.

Ho Chi Minh Street is one of the central streets in Kolkata city.
There are two important diplomatic sites: the US embassy and the British embassy.

The building is located at No.1 on Ho Chi Minh Street as Metro supermarket,
one of the most modern trade centres in Kolkata.

  The people in Kolkata have a proverb: "We may forget our father's name, but we will never forget Vietnam".
Therefore, the Vietnamese people who appear here are often welcomed enthusiastically by local people.

In Kolkata city, no cases of Covid-19 have been reported. The life of the people still takes place normally. However, the administration has also closed a number of major universities, which have a large number of students.

People travel on handcarts on Ho Chi Minh street.

Some people sit on the top of a truck.

Kolkata is a modern city but still maintains many traditional cultures of the ancient Ganges River region.
In the photo is a "choir" with Dholak drum (middle), Ghunghru ring and Dhapli drum.

People go on pilgrimage to Kalighat Temple for Hindus.

Traditional dance of Indian people at a festival in Bolpur, West Bengal state.



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