International friends written in book for supporting Vietnam

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They are those who were close to the young communist Nguyen Ai Quoc  (President Ho Chi Minh) during his years going out to find a way to save the country, such as the founder of the Japanese Communist Party Katayama Sen, and the French communist François Billioux; or loyal friends of President Ho Chi Minh such as the heroic character of the French resistance war Raymond Aubrac and Lao royal family member Xuphanuvong.

The book mentions the love for Vietnam through the visits and work periods of journalist Wilfred Burchett, photographer Hugh Van Es, linguist Ivo Vaxiliep and journalist Yutaka Aramaki. They did not accept "groundless war" in Vietnam, voiced their support, and were ready to fight for a country not related to themselves, including heroic soldier Henri Martin, writer Jean Ajalbert, politician Olof Palme, historian Bernard Fall, captain O'Neil, lawyer Monique Chemillier – Gendreau.

The author of the book, Tran Thai Binh, brings readers an interesting look at Vietnam through the lens of foreigners. That is the viewpoint of important political and military characters who have had significant impacts on the history of Vietnam, and chosen appropriate attitude towards Vietnam.

It is the progressive "voice" of members of the "colonial apparatus", especially those working in the fields of science and culture, contributing to bringing humanitarian, progressive and advanced values to Vietnam, and promoting Vietnam's development process.

They are the scientists, writers, artists, reporters and cultural tourists who left Vietnam and became Vietnam’s close friends and respected authors introducing the world to a Vietnam of rich identity and patriotic tradition.

According to author Tran Thai Binh, the more than 40 portraits in the book are the people who, with their works, jobs and behaviors, really made a century and brought to the history of Vietnam and history of the world a century of pain and happiness./.


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