Uncle Ho’s image in Thailand

Ho Chi Minh Memorial Area in Nakhom Phanom (Photo: VOV)

According to local residents, when he came to Noong On and Nachok villages (May village, Nakhon Phanom province), Uncle Ho encouraged people to build schools and teach the Vietnamese national language to overseas Vietnamese’s children.

Every Thursday, the teacher and students were off school to care for the orchard in the school, taking valuable coconut varieties to plant. Some days, he came to school very early and went to the garden to collect bananas, guavas, oranges and apples for distributing to the students.

Although they came to Thailand to do business, overseas Vietnamese always looked to the fatherland and participated in Vietnam’s revolutionary activities. In particular, when a youth revolutionary organization made its debut, the patriotic movement among overseas Vietnamese in Thailand become more and more active. The organization's headquarters in Thailand, called "Cooperative house," was established in many localities, but the one in May village where Uncle Ho lived and worked, was more spacious.

Overseas Vietnamese Ho Duc Lien said that when he was at the "Cooperative house", Thau Chin had learned the Thai language fluently and often welcomed many domestic revolutionaries. Important meetings were held in the “Cooperative house” chaired by Uncle Ho.

One afternoon in late winter of 1929, Thau Chin suddenly left May and Noong On villages, which made local people very surprised.

At the same time, at a pagoda in Mukdahan province, more than 100 kilometers from May village, a Thai monk, chief of the pagoda, bravely protected Uncle Ho from the police pursuit required by the French colonialists.

The Thailand - Vietnam Friendship Village in May village, Nakhan Phanom province, has a gallery displaying documents about Uncle Ho's revolutionary activities. There is a large map marking the localities in Thailand where he visited. Uncle Ho's autographs read the words: "Peace and friendship between people around the world". The majestic statue of President Ho Chi Minh made of copper is placed in a solemn position.

In particular, in the autographic book, former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, who has made great contributions to the initiative to build the Thailand-Vietnam Friendship Village, wrote that President Ho Chi Minh was not only the great leader of the Vietnamese nation, but also an outstanding man known to the world. “Our people have great respect for the leader of Vietnam who once had a strong attachment to Thailand in the process of finding a way to save the country. The Thailand - Vietnam Friendship Village is a milestone marking the increasingly lasting friendship between the two countries”./.


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