Russia’s unique construction honours President Ho Chi Minh

The outstanding work at Ho Chi Minh Square in Moscow, Russia (Photo: Ho Chi Minh Museum)

Ho Chi Minh Square and President Ho Chi Minh Statue were built with a unique design that attracts and impresses anyone who passes by.

The square features an image of Uncle Ho and his famous saying "Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom" translated into the Russian language. It is a sculpture of the People's painter, an academician from the Soviet Union Academy of Fine Arts Vladimir Efimovich Tsigal, the artist behind many monuments and sculptures in Russia, Germany, Austria, Japan and Azerbaijan.

According to the Ho Chi Minh Museum, the structure and idea of the work is different from the others. The portrait of smiling President Ho Chi Minh was embossed on the giant round copper plate, with the image of a young Vietnamese man in a position of preparing to rebound behind the bamboo, a familiar image of all Vietnamese, known in Russia and many people in Moscow.

The circle is the image of the sun in Vietnam, delivering a dream of a Vietnam with a bright future. Behind them are 2 bent bamboo trees, seemingly trying to cope with the storm. Bamboo is a typical Vietnamese tree that can be bent, but is hard to be broken, like Vietnam's will and strength.

The character of the Vietnamese man in the work is a healthy man who is preparing to start on the road to the future, as if he wants to say Vietnam is reaching out to build a prosperous future in peace.

Every detail on the work carries profound meaning, showing the author's understanding as well as admiration for President Ho Chi Minh, and for the history, country and people of Vietnam.

The Secretary-General of the Vietnam - Russia Friendship Association Nguyen Dang Phat confirmed that the Ho Chi Minh Square and the monument in Moscow are symbols of valuable friendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union, linking tradition with the present, and looking towards the future of the growing Vietnam-Russia relationship.

After many years of construction, the Ho Chi Minh Square and monument were inaugurated on May 19th, 1990, being one of the most significant and impressive constructions about President Ho Chi Minh in Russia, acting as a symbol of friendship between two peoples and two countries, and the pride of every Vietnamese living, studying and working in Russia./.


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