Honoring President Ho Chi Minh at UNESCO headquarters

 Xing Qu, UNESCO Deputy Director-General, expressed his honor at the event. (Photo: nhandan.com.vn)

This is among activities to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the adoption of UNESCO Resolution 24C/18.65 honoring the late President, held by the Foreign Ministry and relevant agencies at home and abroad.

The event was attended by UNESCO Director General Ms. Audrey Azoulay and some 100 UNESCO and bilateral ambassadors, representatives of Franco-Vietnamese associations, French friends and the Vietnamese community.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Assistant to the Foreign Minister Le Thi Thu Hang highlighted the significance of the UNESCO Resolution honoring President Ho Chi Minh and emphasized that UNESCO’s issuance of the Resolution is a recognition of the great contributions and dedication of President Ho Chi Minh to the common struggle of the world’s people against oppression and injustice, for national independence and social progress.

The UNESCO resolution also honors the noble ideals, cultural identity and aspirations of the Vietnamese nation and people for a world of peace, equality and happiness.

Xing Qu, UNESCO Deputy Director-General, expressed his honor to attend the event and stressed that President Ho Chi Minh has left an imprint on human history.

He affirmed that with UNESCO making this decision, member states all want to honor those who have always pursued an ideal in which the power of education and culture can nurture the identity and aspirations of peoples.

French historian Alain Ruscio, who has had many works and studies on President Ho Chi Minh, introduced the stages of his revolutionary activities, including his time in France.

The French historian emphasized President Ho Chi Minh's imprint on world peace, culture and education, and said that his legacies are the inspiration for the good universal values of humanity. He left a deep impression, admired by friends all over the world./.


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