Talk highlights President Ho Chi Minh’s role in building relations with China

President Ho Chi Minh received Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai during his visit to Vietnam, November 1956. (Documentary photo)

So said Nguyen Vinh Quang, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam – China Friendship Association, during a talk entitled “President Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam – China relationship” held on September 22.

During the talk, Mr. Quang reviewed the memories of historical significance between President Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese and Chinese communists, and the Chinese people, between the Vietnamese revolution and the Chinese revolution.

This foundation has continued to be preserved, inherited and promoted by the Party and people of the two countries in the direction of healthy and long-term development. The friendly relationship between the two neighboring peoples of Vietnam and China is thanks to the direction and tireless activities of President Ho Chi Minh, along with the support and unanimity of the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and State.

Mr. Quang emphasized the affection of the Chinese people, of the Chinese communists for the beloved Uncle Ho. That factor plays an important role in making cooperation and friendship still the main stream in Vietnam-China relations.

According to Mr. Vinh, currently in China, there are more than 70 relics related to President Ho Chi Minh preserved and embellished, introduced to the public, to domestic and international visitors on historical and cultural values bearing the imprint of Ho Chi Minh.

He also shared some information related to the preparation of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Participants asked questions and discussed issues of mutual concern./.


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