Venezuelan University launches faculty on Vietnamese nation, culture in Ho Chi Minh era

President Ho Chi Minh - Documentary photo

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Venezuela Le Viet Duyen thanked the UNEFA for organising the event. He stressed that President Ho Chi Minh's life and revolutionary career is an epic of patriotism and revolutionary heroism.

The Ambassador emphasized that the national leader, who devoted his whole life to the national liberation, independence, freedom of the nation and happiness of people, is an example for nations that are struggling to advance to socialism, including Vietnam and Venezuela.

He expressed his hope that through the research of Vietnamese nation and Ho Chi Minh ideology in all fields as well as the national struggles, Venezuelan friends will draw useful lessons to overcome hard time and build a country of peace and prosperity.

The Vietnamese diplomat said he believes that UNEFA will become a centre for education and research of Vietnam, helping popularise the Ho Chi Minh ideology in the Latin American region and the whole world. He pledged to accompany UNEFA in exploring Vietnam’s struggles for independence and development.

At the event, UNEFA Rector Pascualino Angiolillo said that Venezuelan people love the nation and people of Vietnam, affirming that many State officials, experts and scholars of Venezuela have the need to research on the culture, economy, politics, society, nation and people of Vietnam and learn from the country’s development model so as to apply in Venezuela.

According to the Rector, the faculty will initially focus on researching the history, economy and politics of Vietnam, expressing his hope for support from Vietnamese agencies. The university plans to establish the faculty in all of its branches across the country, he added.

Formed in 1973, UNEFA is a public university run by Venezuela’s National Bolivarian Armed Forces. Apart from its headquarters in Caracas, UNEFA has branches in 21 states of Venezuela and is the largest university in Venezuela in terms of scale, with 110,000 students, and facilities./.


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