Uncle Ho talking with Tien Phong Division relief made debut

Inauguration of the relief "Uncle Ho talking to officers and soldiers of the Tien Phong (Pioneer) Division" (Photo: VNA)

At the center of the relief is an image of President Ho Chi Minh sitting on the steps talking to dozens of officers and soldiers. On both sides are images of mountains, palm forests and bronze drum patterns. The upper left corner has the words “The Hung Kings established the country, we must together safeguard it.”

The relief is located at the 5th intersection of Gieng Temple, within the campus of the Hung Temple National Historical Relic Area (Viet Tri City), replacing the old stone relief built by the Ministry of National Defense in 2001. The new relief was approved by the military forces as proposed by Phu Tho province, and was completed after 9 months.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, General Phan Van Giang, Minister of National Defense, assessed this was a cultural work with political and historical significance, symbolizing the love, faith and affection of the army and people for President Ho Chi Minh.

Mr. Bui Van Quang, Chairman of Phu Tho Provincial People's Committee, said that the project is a highlight in the Hung Kings Temple National Historical Relic area, creating synchronization with architectural works and the majestic and sacred landscapes of the relic site. “The relief also converges historical and cultural values from the Hung Kings era to the Ho Chi Minh era," he added.

On September 19, 1954, in a talk directly assigning tasks to the Pioneer Division, now Division 308, Army Corps 12, before taking over the capital Hanoi, President Ho Chi Minh said: “The Hung Kings established the country, we must together safeguard it.” To remember and implement this teaching, in 2001, the Ministry of National Defense built a relief work at the intersection of Gieng Temple with a width of 11.71 meters and a height of 7.58 meters, assembled from stone blocks. This relief was moved and reassembled at the Military Region 2 Museum.

Marking the Hung King's death anniversary in 2024, Phu Tho province will organize many activities such as death anniversary ceremony, incense offering by Party and State leaders on April 18; high-altitude fireworks display at Van Lang park on April 17; and swimming tournament at Van Lang Park lake on April 13./.


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