Southern city enhances development of Ho Chi Minh cultural space in culture and sports


The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture and Sports organizes a preliminary conference to summarize one year of implementing the construction of Ho Chi Minh cultural space in the field of culture and sports. (Photo:

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture and Sports has set 17 targets associated with 4 major goals, including building cultural people; regarding building cultural institutions; regarding promoting intangible cultural values; and building a cultural environment.

Regarding building cultural institutions, the Plan sets out specific goals, including striving to complete and approve the Project "To develop the overall system of grassroots cultural and sports institutions in Ho Chi Minh City by 2024 until 2035” in 2024; striving to, by 2025 expand Ho Chi Minh Museum - Ho Chi Minh City branch; coordinating to complete the general outline of project items at Ho Chi Minh Square. By 2025, the city will strive to have 100% of museums and 50% of historical and cultural to build Ho Chi Minh cultural space; 100% of districts and Thu Duc City to build Ho Chi Minh cultural spaces in public cultural spaces, cultural institutions, sports, historical - cultural relics, religious facilities religion, schools, museums and libraries.

To ensure the effective implementation of the plan, the City Department of Culture and Sports proposed 4 groups of specific and focused tasks and solutions.

The first task and solution is to build a cultural people, promote the traditional beauty of ethics, lifestyle, customs and style of the city's people associated with learning and following the ideology, ethics and style of President Ho Chi Minh. Secondly, investing and developing cultural works, cultural and sports institutions about Ho Chi Minh cultural space in the area. Thirdly, building and promoting intangible cultural values associated with the life and career of President Ho Chi Minh to disseminate and educate Ho Chi Minh's personality in social life, as a basis for building standards of human values in Ho Chi Minh City during the period of industrialization and modernization and international integration. Fourthly, building the cultural environment of the city's people according to the criteria of building a cultural life, associated with the ideological values, ethics and style of Ho Chi Minh./.


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