State President attends ceremony to mark 65th anniversary of Uncle Ho’s visit to Lao Cai

President Vo Van Thuong speaks at the ceremony. (Photo: VNA)

According to NDO, President Vo Van Thuong highly valued Lao Cai’s development achievements over the past years, affirming that they are living proof of fulfilling the promise made to the beloved Uncle Ho when he visited the province.

The State leader asked Lao Cai to continue to bolster socio-economic development, enhance the application of scientific-technological advancements, and capitalise on local potential and strengths, to build Lao Cai into a growth centreof the northern mountainous and midland region, and a key area for tourism development, border gate services, metallurgical and chemical industries, and medicinal materials.

He asked the provincial Party Committee and people to fully realise the role, position, potential, advantages, difficulties and challenges of the province, and draw valuable lessons in socio-economic development, defence and security of the locality, as well as promote the campaign of studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle and his teachings.

The President stressed the importance of building a healthy cultural environment and new-style rural areas, focusing on healthcare for people, promoting social security and constantly improving the material and spiritual life of the people.

He also noted that the provincial authorities and people should attach great importance to natural resource management, environmental protection, climate change response, and disease and disaster prevention and control./.


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