Diplomatic feat in Ho Chi Minh era honored

Delegates at the event (Photo: tienphong.vn)

The project honoring the diplomatic feat of the Ho Chi Minh era: the Vietnam-France Preliminary Agreement on March 6, 1946, is a meaningful program, expressing the gratitude of today's young generation for the contribution and sacrifice of previous generations to gain independence and freedom for the nation.

The project aims at cultivating pride in historical traditions and responding to the national digital transformation program. The project has 3 categories: stone works marking the feat; a digital virtual reality tour project; and a collection recreating the interior of the room where Uncle Ho worked.

At the event, the Organizing Committee opened the VR - Uncle Ho virtual reality technology tradition room with children, inaugurated a free physical training area for children in the capital, and introduced the application of digital transformation serving work at Hanoi Children's Palace.

On March 6, 1946, at No. 38 Ly Thai To (located on the campus of the current Hanoi Children's Palace), President Ho Chi Minh and representatives of the French Government signed a Preliminary Agreement. This is the first bilateral international treaty that the Democratic Republic of Vietnam signed with a foreign country, a brilliant milestone, and a miracle that started the development process of diplomacy in the Ho Chi Minh era./.


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