Activities celebrate 77th anniversary of Uncle Ho's first visit to Thanh Hoa

The Pine Forest historical and scenic site in Dong Son was decorated to celebrate the 77th anniversary of Uncle Ho's first visit to Thanh Hoa. (Source:

In Dong Son district where Uncle Ho spoke with key officials and intellectuals during his first visit to Thanh Hoa, the District Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee and Fatherland Front Committee of the district offered incense at the Pine Forest historical and scenic site.

Also here, Dong Son district organized an exhibition of political books and books about the Communist Party of Vietnam, Marxism-Leninism, and Ho Chi Minh’s Thought; books and newspapers about Uncle Ho and Thanh Hoa; books about Dong Son and winning entries in the contest "Learn about Dong Son historical and cultural traditions".

Many paintings and photos about Uncle Ho and Thanh Hoa and the development of Dong Son district through the ages are also displayed for people and tourists.

Dong Son district also organized a sports tournament attracting 300 athletes from 25 delegations from 14 communes, towns and agencies, units and schools in the district.  Athletes compete in table tennis, volleyball, badminton and tug of war.

On this occasion, Sam Son City promoted providing information related to President Ho Chi Minh's revolutionary career and great contributions to the Vietnamese people; the views, thoughts, ethics and style of President Ho Chi Minh; Uncle Ho's special feelings for officials, party members and the people of Sam Son City in particular, and the people of Thanh Hoa in general.

The locality also organized visits to relic sites where Uncle Ho visited, spreading the meaning and noble value of studying and following Uncle Ho.

Yen Dinh district organized many practical activities, including providing information about  Uncle Ho’s first visit to Yen Truong Cooperative - the flagship in agricultural production of the district and province (in 1961).

During his life, Uncle Ho is always interested in tracking every step of the Party Committee and people in Thanh Hoa that are specifically expressed by the times Uncle Ho visited Thanh Hoa over the years 1947, 1957, 1960, 1961.

On 20th February 1947, president Ho Chi Minh did the first visit to Thanh Hoa province. In the meetings with the key officials of the province in the Pine forest; in the meeting with intellectuals, notable and people of the city and in his letter to people living in the upland, he tasked the Party Committee and people in Thanh Hoa: "... Must become a model province ... right how for all aspects of politics, economics and military have been the model. "/.


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