Documentary film about President Ho Chi Minh screened in Canada
Audiences watch the film (Photo: VNA)

In the context of the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, the program was organized online by CVFS and received enthusiastic support from Canadian friends and large number of overseas Vietnamese.

The overseas Vietnamese were deeply moved when witnessing through the screen the sacred flag of the nation, flying in the capital Ottawa and Toronto city, Canada's financial-economic centers.

As an honorary guest of this event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Canada Pham Cao Phong reviewed the milestones in the nation's protection and construction history, achievements in the nation's construction and development at present.

“These valuable documentary videos help us understand that how President Ho Chi Minh played an important role in the struggle to liberate Vietnam from the occupation of French and Japanese. President Ho Chi Minh likes heroes in legends of many cultures. After his journey in search of truth, he returned to his hometown with his wisdom and made triumphs," Mr. Luis Silva, an expert on government relations, affirmed in an interview with the Vietnam News Agency.

“Through the films about President Ho Chi Minh, I am deeply moved by his profound education and strong desire of liberating Vietnam from the colonialism and bringing freedom to the people. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) honored President Ho Chi Minh as the hero of national liberation in 1987, emphasizing his profound influence on the development of mankind, assessed that Ho Chi Minh not only played an important role in the fight to liberate Vietnam, but was also an outstanding culturalist. President Ho Chi Minh was also the man who laid the foundation for today's Vietnamese economy - the rising star in Southeast Asia," shared Ms. Elizabeth McIninch, Director of the Canada-Vietnam Trade Council.

"Vietnam is an important partner for Canada. Canada is focusing on this dynamic country, which is also one of the most important centers for startups in the world," Ms. Elizabeth emphasized.

After Vietnam and Canada established the comprehensive partnership in 2017 and implemented the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), the relationship between the two countries has continuously developed on all fields. Vietnam is currently Canada's largest trading partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), while Canada is Vietnam's third largest trading partner in the Americas.

Also at the event on the evening of September 2, the online museum about President Ho Chi Minh officially opened at the link This is the dedication of Professor Nguyen Dai Trang, who has contributed to building the bridge to bring President Ho Chi Minh closer to international friends.

Ho Chi Minh's ideology has proved a strong vitality over the years, which is reflected through Vietnam's rising position as ASEAN Chairman; the initiative and creativity of a country that contributes responsibly to the community on international forums; and is a bright spot in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic and economic development./.


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