Foreign friends praise Uncle Ho as flag of liberation and development

Mr. Mohamed Youssef says Vietnam is the destination for Asian investors.

Vietnam's struggle for national independence under the leadership of President Ho Chi Minh has strongly influenced many nations in the Middle East and Africa. During past decades, and especially in today's global integration, Vietnam's peaceful life and economic development achievements have continued to be a bright spot and offer valuable experience for Middle Eastern countries and Africa.

Palestinian journalist Salam Fayed repeatedly said that Vietnam, a heroic nation, is always a revolutionary flag for the Palestinian people. However, what Mr. Fayed admires more about Vietnam is that from war, confrontation and a poor post-war country, Vietnam is now friends with the great powers of the five continents, holds its position in the international arena, and has seen strong socio-economic development and people’s peaceful life. That is the great value that leader Ho Chi Minh left to the Vietnamese people.

“Vietnam has prestige and position at the United Nations, always supporting the liberation of the Palestinian people. Peace is the legitimate aspiration of the people all over the world. We learn a lot from President Ho Chi Minh, especially the spirit of international peace building and friendship,” he went on to say. “I affirm that the peace, freedom and justice of the Vietnamese people are of great value to the world."

According to artist May Mohab, Vietnam is her second hometown. Her respect and love for the Vietnamese nation and President Ho Chi Minh encourages her love for Vietnamese traditional water puppetry, thus pushing her to produce diverse art performances honouring Uncle Ho in Egypt.

Noting that President Ho Chi Minh was a hero, who brought great victory to the Vietnamese people but lived very modestly, she added that she was very impressed with the images of the children singing and dancing around Uncle Ho and Uncle Ho’s closeness to the people.

During the period of integration and development, Vietnam's successful economic development policies offer valuable lessons for many countries in the Middle East and Africa. Many economic experts have written about Vietnam with the titles "Vietnam from a poor country in the world to the tiger of an Asian economy ... a successful experience", "Vietnam from poverty to development peak" or "Vietnam's success story and lessons for Arab countries."

Mr. Mohamed Youssef, Chairman of Egypt Entrepreneurs Association, said that the role of Vietnam is increasing rapidly. Vietnam has become one of the most attractive countries for investors in Southeast Asia and Asia. He added that, in the next few years, Vietnam will become the most important destination for Asian investors.

Vietnam, a peace loving nation with a thriving economy, is really the focus of many countries in the Middle East and Africa. Many international friends say "Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh, from the flag of struggle for national liberation to the flag of economic development", is a valuable experience to learn from./.


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