Famous German journalist writes books on President Ho Chi Minh

Journalist Hellmut Kapfenberger presents Ambassador Nguyen Minh Vu the newly published “Ho Chi Minh political biography”. (Photo: VNA)

Mr. Hellmut Kapfenberger, 86, is a famous German writer and journalist. Earlier, he was a journalist, a resident representative of DNA News Agency and "New Germany" newspaper in Vietnam in the 1970s and 1980s.

He delivered hundreds of pieces of news, articles and reports about Vietnam, making an important contribution to promoting the solidarity movement with Vietnam during the war and the first years of rebuilding the country.

He was one of those who took to the streets in 1965-1970 to oppose the American war of aggression in Vietnam. He used to work in Vietnam as a reporter for the German GDR news agency and a number of other newspapers. He and his wife were the first Germans to cross the Ben Hai River in 1973. He had the opportunity to interact with many Vietnamese generals to write about the war.

After returning home, he actively participated in solidarity activities with Vietnam and when he retired, and he spent a lot of time collecting documents about Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh.

He is the author of many books on Vietnam such as "Ho Chi Minh – An annals", "Berlin-Bonn-Saigon-Hanoi" which systematically presents the history of Germany - Vietnam relations; and "Vietnam - The 30-year war 1945-1975" and "Ho Chi Minh Trail."

Recently, Mr. Hellmut Kapfenberger presented Vietnamese Ambassador to Germany Nguyen Minh Vu the newly published book “Ho Chi Minh political biography”.

According to Mr. Kapfenberger, the book is the more complete version of "Ho Chi Minh – An annals" first launched in 2009.

The book is presented vividly with many illustrations that the author has devotedly collected, giving readers a general picture of Ho Chi Minh's life, from when he was a 21 year old young man, going abroad to find a way to save the country, until he became President.

Ambassador Nguyen Minh Vu expressed his appreciation for the deep affection that Mr. Kapfenberger has for Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh. The Ambassador highly appreciated his efforts in helping German friends and readers to better understand Vietnam through his works, thereby contributing to the promotion of relations between the two peoples and two countries.

He affirmed that the publication of this book is very meaningful, especially in the 130th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh's birthday and the 45th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Germany.

The Ambassador expressed his belief that the book will be well received by German friends and readers, as well as the Vietnamese community in Germany.

Mr. Hellmut Kapfenberger said that the memories and love of the Vietnamese people are the motivation for him to continue studying and writing about Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh./.


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