President Ho Chi Minh and Russian pilot in Ha Long Bay

Uncle Ho and hero Titov on the boat visiting Ha Long Bay

After successfully conducting a 17th flight around the Earth in spacecraft "Orient 2" on August 6th, 1961, in January 1962, the hero space pilot Titov visited Vietnam at the invitation of the Party Central Committee, the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh.

On January 22nd, 1962, President Ho Chi Minh and Titov visited Hong Quang area (now Quang Ninh province) and visited Ha Long Bay. During that trip, Uncle Ho named an island on Ha Long Bay after this special guest - Titov Island.

President Ho Chi Minh and G.Titov on a boat to visit Ha Long Bay on January 22nd, 1962.

President Ho Chi Minh and Ambassador of the Soviet Union to Vietnam in a boat rowed by the hero Titov, stopped at an island in Ha Long Bay, which was later named after hero Titov.

Uncle Ho talked with hero Titov and friends from Soviet Union on a boat to visit Ha Long Bay.

President Ho Chi Minh, Soviet Ambassador to Vietnam and the hero of the space pilot Titov on Ha Long Bay.

When he was alive, Uncle Ho also visited fishermen on Tuan Chau Island and navy forces on Ha Long Bay.

Uncle Ho and fishermen on Tuan Chau Island on October 5th, 1957

President Ho Chi Minh on Tuan Chau Island

President Ho Chi Minh visited cadres and soldiers on Hon Rong Island on Ha Long Bay on March 31st, 1959.


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