Southern province marks Uncle Ho’s birthday in book display

Book arrangement display at Dong Nai provincial library marks President Ho Chi Minh’s 130th birthday. (Photo:

Over 300 books relating to President Ho Chi Minh’s life and career and over 50 press photos were introduced to the audience. To create a new look, the library staff arranged the books on the Party, Uncle Ho and Dong Nai’s culture and history on beautiful models.

Additionally, the library collected books on President Ho Chi Minh written by different authors which were introduced on the library website and facebook page, helping readers access precious documents and stories about Uncle Ho in daily life, in working style and his revolutionary career. 

Earlier, the provincial library exhibited the subject “1975 spring victory – The strength of will and aspiration for peace”, with over 40 documentary photos on the resistance war against American imperialism, in combination with over 50 documentary photos on the provincial Party Congresses in different terms; nearly 400 books on the Communist Party of Vietnam throughout previous congresses; the 1975 spring victory; and General Vo Nguyen Giap. 

Moreover, some Party documents on the direction for the 1975 uprising are also on display.

The display will last until the end of May./.


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