Hanoi affection for Uncle Ho

President Ho Chi Minh tried a rice cultivation machine in Hanoi on July 16th, 1960.

President Ho Chi Minh visited the kitchen of Bach Mai Hospital on March 21st, 1960.

President Ho Chi Minh and farmers in Dai Thanh commune, Hanoi, took water to fields to prevent drought on January 12th, 1958.

President Ho Chi Minh visited Garment 10 workshop in Hanoi in January 1959, reminding cadres and workers accelerate emulation and production campaign by improving technologies and workshop management.

President Ho Chi Minh hoed up the land for planting vegetables in the garden in Hanoi on June 3rd, 1957.

Every day, after work, President Ho Chi Minh often took care of fish in the pond. Not only raising fish to improve the lives of those surrounding him, he also distributed breeding fish to many localities, army units and cooperatives. He wanted localities to develop fish farming to improve domestic economic life, contributing to improving the life of the whole society.

More than 200 photos, objects and posters on President Ho Chi Minh are on display at an exhibition which opened in Hanoi on May 7th to mark the 130th anniversary of the President’s birth (May 19th).

The exhibits reflect the portrait of President Ho Chi Minh - a talented leader of the Vietnamese Party and people, a great teacher of the Vietnamese revolution, a hero of national liberation and a great man of culture who dedicated his whole life to the cause of national liberation, and for the sake of freedom, democracy, peace and social progress. He is the symbol of the Vietnamese people’s personality and spirit. 


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