Exhibition "Desire for freedom" opens in Hanoi (Dang 15.5)

Visitors to the exhibition (Source: hanoimoi.com.vn)

The event honors the courageous spirit of the revolutionary soldiers, the patriotism and peace aspiration of the Vietnamese nation, thereby contributing to arousing the sense of  pride and motivation for the young generation to follow the tradition and revolutionary achievements of the previous generation in building a peaceful and developing Vietnam.

It also depicts the stories of soldiers who struggled to escape from French detention centres in the hope of returning to the revolutionary army.

Besides, it touches upon the suffering of the Vietnamese people under French colonial rule and the suppression of captives and their determination to break free.

Visitors had an opportunity to meet historical witnesses and family members of veterans who took part in escapes.

Valuable documents and exhibits are also on display at the exhibition, which will run until the end of July./.


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