Sen Village Festival 2022 to be held in Nam Dan district and Vinh city

Overview of the press conference of the festival (Photo:

The festival will include a ceremony to offer flower to the statue of Uncle Ho in Ho Chi Minh Square; a ceremony to offer flower and incense at President Ho Chi Minh Memorial House and Chung Son Temple; a ceremony of procession of Uncle Ho's photo from the Ho Chi Minh Memorial House in Kim Lien Special National Monument to the Sen Village stadium; the opening ceremony of the Sen Village Festival and the "National Tuong and Folk Opera Festival 2022"; summarizing the festival at Ho Chi Minh Square.

In addition, the festival will also include mass art festival “The Singing of Sen Village”; contest "Sen Colour of Nghe region"; art program "Mother of Sen Village"; photo exhibition about Uncle Ho; online photo contest “Hello Nam Dan”; exhibition and introduction of culinary culture and special products of Nghe An province.

Within the framework of the festival, the Nghe An Provincial People's Committee will also coordinate with organizations and individuals to organize a lotus traditional long dress performance as well as display and auction of photo collection "Lotus life" by photographer Tran Bich.

Vice Chairman of the Nghe An Provincial People's Committee Bui Dinh Long affirmed that this is an important political and cultural activity, showing the people's gratitude and respect for President Ho Chi Minh; disseminate, educate and continue to promote the study and following of Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style among cadres, party members and the people; introduce and promote the culture of Sen Village and Nghe An to friends, domestic and foreign tourists./.


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