Quang Ngai province’s agencies follow Uncle Ho’s example

Officers make efforts to address administrative procedures to residents. (Photo: baoquangngai.vn)

According to Head of the provincial Agencies and Businesses Party Committee Commission on Popularization and Education Nguyen Anh Dung, to follow Uncle Ho’s example, Party organizations have connected with its professional daily work, caring for addressing each agency’s important issues.

Many agencies have attached importance to increasing public work morality in connection with administrative procedure reform. Since April 2018, provincial departments have made over 250 administrative procedures available online.

Notably, the provincial Department of Industry and Trade Party Committee has focused its leadership on realizing economic development targets and boosting administrative reform, thus contributing to improving the investment and business environment, and giving consultancy to the province in promptly addressing some urgent problems.

The provincial fund for children has mobilized over VND13.7 billion to help operate on 223 children with congenital heart diseases, bringing the total number of children receiving free heart surgeries so far to over 2,000.

The provincial Women’s Union has efficiently carried out a savings model in following Uncle Ho’s example. Accordingly, over VND47 billion and 38,604 kilograms of rice have been saved to help 11,660 poor members, disadvantaged women and poor children. Meanwhile, its members in different teams have also saved over VND147 billion to lend to 76,737 women for boosting domestic economic development.

Mr. Dung said that the results in following Uncle Ho’s example in agencies, including the provincial Customs Department; Tax Department; Justice Department; the Office of the provincial People’s Committee; and the provincial Agencies and Businesses Party Committee Commissions on Education and Training, Mass Mobilization and Interior, had contributed to realizing the 19th provincial Party Congress resolution.

Moreover, agencies and businesses have also boosted social welfare work by giving 8,000 presents worth VND4 billion each year to poor families during lunar New Year festival. Businesses have also assisted the province with VND35 billion to build social welfare works in rural areas; support the building of 700 houses of gratitude and realize payment of gratitude work using VND80 billion; and support fishermen with over VND30 billion./.


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