Person who had the honor of cutting Uncle Ho’s hair
Mr. Hoang Phan Hien (Source: CPV)

Hoang Phat Hien was born in Ninh Binh town in the northern province of Ninh Binh in 1926. Before being sent to work at the Office of the Party Central Committee, he had worked as a military weapons official. Living in the army, he was trained about dynamic, multi-task working styles. Therefore, when he worked at the office, apart from being responsible for communications at ATK Dinh Hoa (Dinh Hoa Safety Zone) and administrative assignments, he often gave haircuts to colleagues in the office. 

In the afternoon of May, 1953, comrade Hoang Tung asked him to go to Uncle Ho’s quarters to give a haircut to him.

Hoang Phat Hien said “The duty was requested so suddenly that he didn’t have time to think about it”. He felt excited but also anxious.

When Hoang Phat Hien went to the hillside where Uncle Ho was living, he saw comrades Truong Chinh, Pham Van Dong, Le Van Luong, Hoang Quoc Viet Nguyen Chi Thanh and Uncle Ho having a meeting. Uncle Ho stood up and pulled the chair which he was sitting on near to Hoang Phat Hien and said, “Please give me a haircut. You do your work and I do my work.” Being little bit confused, he carefully cut Uncle Ho’s hair. After finishing, he winked at comrade Hoang Tung to ask his advice. Comrade Hoang Tung knew his meaning and respectfully talked to Uncle Ho “Dear Uncle, you look younger!” Uncle Ho said “I just needed a new haircut to feel fresher.” He stood up, took a cigarette and an orange from his working table and gave them to Hien. He said “Your reward”.

Hoang Phat Hien returned to his work bewildered by what had just happened. Hien  was often called upon to complete the same mission, to give Uncle Ho a new haircut. Sixty years have past since the first day Hoang Phat Hien had the honour  of cutting Uncle Ho’s hair and yet his memories of Uncle Ho remained unchanged. This is the most honourable and deepest memories in his revolutionary work./.



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