Ho Chi Minh bookcase in People’s Public Security launched

Ho Chi Minh bookcase in People’s Public Security launched (Source: VNA)

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Public Security Tran Quoc To said that during his lifetime, President Ho Chi Minh was very fond of reading and valued books and newspapers. He was very interested in building and developing reading culture in the community, creating conditions for people to access and enjoy spiritual food through books and newspapers in order to develop knowledge of society and of each person, contributing to building a rich and beautiful country, building an advanced Vietnamese culture imbued with national identity.

Thoroughly grasping and strictly implementing the instructions of Uncle Ho, the Party and State always attach great importance to the construction and development of a learning society, especially the development of reading culture in the community through the master plan on development of library, journalism and publishing industries; issued many guiding documents to promote library activities, press and library development, together with appropriate mechanisms and policies to encourage reading.

The Central Party Committee of Public Security, the Ministry of Public Security, is always interested in providing books and newspapers to serve the cultural and spiritual needs, research and study information, and improve comprehensive knowledge for officers in the entire People's Public Security force; regularly direct, promote and improve the quality of activities of the system of cultural institutions, especially library, press, publishing and museum work in the People's Public Security. The model and mode of operation of the system of libraries, reading rooms, and bookcases in the People's Police have been maintained, promoted and put into order.

At the opening ceremony, the Organizing Committee launched the construction of the Ho Chi Minh Bookcase in the People's Public Security. Agencies and units have sponsored nearly 500 million VND and 1,000 book titles to build the bookcase; including two books by General To Lam, Minister of Public Security: "New Points on National Security in the Document of the 13th National Party Congress" and "Improve the quality of political thought in the People's Public Security in the face of the new situation"./.


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