Art program to recall memories of legendary Ho Chi Minh trail

The legendary Ho Chi Minh trail

The program is organized to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh trail opening day and the Truong Son soldiers’ traditional day (May 19th, 1959).

With the participation of 400 singers and artists, the program will recall memories of the extremely fierce time when forces on the Ho Chi Minh route became a heroic group.

Besides, the Ministry of Defense’s General Department of Politics also organized a series of educational activities, extensive popularization among cadres, union members and youths about the correct guidelines of the Party and President Ho Chi Minh in opening the strategic trail to help human resources from the Northern rear reach the Southern battlefield.

On this occasion, the organizers will offer incense to commemorate heroic martyrs; repair the Km 0 relic; visit and present 180 gifts, scholarships and build two houses worth VND0./.


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