Young follower of Uncle Ho’s example gains success from high will
Bui Minh Thang beside his mushrooms (Photo: SGGP)
Bui Minh Thang beside his mushrooms (Photo: SGGP)

To gain this success, he has undergone diverse hardships, even big debt. “After each failure, by remembering Uncle Ho’s teachings for young people which highlights that will decides success, I gain determination for action, and finally I succeed,” he said.

Born in a family whose members produce mushrooms, after his high school graduation in 2009, Thang decided to start-up by planting mushrooms. He wondered how to expand his family’s mushroom area, to increase the productivity and quality of mushrooms so that it can be competitive with imported mushrooms, and how to attract customers. After days of thought, he answered his questions by applying high technology into mushroom production. His carefully made plans in building mushroom production using modern technology were carried out from a loan worth VND300 million borrowed from his relatives and the fund supporting start-ups of the Cu Chi district Ho Chi Minh city Communist Youth Union

The first mushrooms produced with the new technology were more qualified than that from his family’s traditional production. However, the productivity did not meet the requirement; therefore, turnover did not afford production fees, leading Mr. Thang into debt, but not forcing him to give up.

Rechecking his production, he realized that buying seedlings from outside contained pestilent insects and did not fit his production, thus gaining limited productivity. He studied how to produce seedlings himself by making factual tours to many mushroom farms across the country. Finally, he succeeded in producing healthy and well developed seedlings, marking a breakthrough in his production.

Higher productivity and quality of mushrooms encouraged him to borrow an additional VND600 million from the bank and expand the production to 700 square metres in April 2016.

Becoming a provider of mushrooms at wholesale markets and supermarkets, he has focused on raising and supplying high quality mushrooms for different farms in other localities. At present, his farm is expanded to nearly 1,500 square metres, producing over 3,000 bags of germs of 10 different kinds of mushroom each day.

In addition, his farm creates jobs for over 10 local labourers with an income of VND5-6 million per month. His successful start-up is the process of fostering aspirations. “The decisive factor is will,” he said. “If I was not determined to follow my dreams, I would have fallen into debt.”

Confirming that Uncle’s Ho teachings about practising will is completely right, he encourages young people to foster their will in tackling difficulties for success./.

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