Vinh Phuc organizes seminar about following Uncle Ho’s teachings

A delegate spoke at the seminar. (Photo: VNA)

Speaking at the seminar, Head of the Commission of Popularization and Education Bui Huy Vinh reviewed Uncle Ho’s visits to Vinh Phuc, in which, on March 2, 1963, Uncle Ho advised: “We must make Vinh Phuc become one of the richest and most prosperous provinces in the north of our country.”

After 60 years of implementing Uncle Ho’s teachings, so far, Vinh Phuc has become one of the bright spots of the country in terms of socio-economic development; Party and political system building, national defense and security maintainance.

The speeches and opinions presented at the seminar deepened President Ho Chi Minh’s visit to Vinh Phuc on March 2, 1963; his deep feelings and care for Vinh Phuc; articles and letters Uncle Ho said, wrote, and sent to localities and individuals of the province that were not mentioned in the published documents.

The comments also highlighted outstanding achievements in socio-economic development, national defense and security consolidation, Party and political system building of Vinh Phuc in 60 years of implementing Uncle Ho's advice.

Delegates also proposed solutions to continue implementing President Ho Chi Minh’s advice, striving to build Vinh Phuc into a richer, more prosperous, more civilized and happier locality.

After the seminar, the Commission of Popularization and Education will absorb, research, and propose solutions to the provincial Party Committee’s Standing Board to improve the quality of studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style./.


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