Vietnam's forest planting rises 5% in January

The ministry said that in the first month of the year, the whole sector directed localities to nurse and take care of seedlings, treat vegetation to serve the cultivation of crops, and guide the strict implementation of Directive 8733/CT-BNN-TCLN dated December 23, 2022 organizing the tree planting festival in gratitude to Uncle Ho.

This month, the number of scattered trees reached 4.5 million, a 4.9% increase, while timber production was 951.600 m3, a 1.6% rise.

According to the ministry, in the coming time, the whole sector will focus on monitoring and urging localities in the afforestation season to prepare enough seedlings and fields to plant forests as planned, and proactively control the quality of tree seedlings.

In addition, the ministry will focus on realizing the sustainable forestry development program in 2021-202 and the plan for Vietnam’s forestry development strategy in 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050./.


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