Vietnamese Embassy in Romania pays tribute to President Ho Chi Minh

Photo display about President Ho Chi Minh held at the event (Photo:

With infinite gratitude, the delegates respectfully remembered the great President Ho Chi Minh, Hero of National Liberation and World Cultural Celebrity.

On this occasion, Ambassador Dang Tran Phong promoted cadres, party members and the masses to actively study and follow Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style on preventing and combating the deterioration of political thought and morality, lifestyle, self-evolution and self-transformation.

In the coming time, the Vietnamese Embassy and community in Romania will pay attention to overseas Vietnamese citizen protection; continue to maintain activities of preserving the Vietnamese language and national cultural identity; regularly provide information about the domestic situation, helping the community to look towards the fatherland, have awareness and act in accordance with the national interests; and have a policy of attracting resources of overseas Vietnamese in Romania to make active contributions to the cause of national construction and protection.

On the same day, the delegates also attended and viewed a photo exhibition of President Ho Chi Minh, especially a set of photos of President Ho Chi Minh visiting Romania in 1957.

These are valuable documents exploited by the Vietnamese Embassy in Romania, helping generations of overseas Vietnamese in Romania understand more deeply about the background of the relationship between the two countries; help arouse patriotism, national pride and deep gratitude to President Ho Chi Minh; and promote communication for Vietnamese children in Romania and Romanian friends about the friendship and solidarity between the peoples of the two countries, which was founded by President Ho Chi Minh.

At the same time, through this activity, generations of Vietnamese in Romania grasp the guidelines and policies of the Party and State on promoting studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style, and actively contribute to the construction of the homeland./.


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