Uncle Ho's visit to Co To Island commemorated

Flag raising ceremony (Photo: VNA)

To the background of the majestic national anthem, the national flag of 4.5 meters wide and 6.2 meters long, was hoisted to the top of 29.7 meter flag pole. Both the flag pole and the flag are the same size as the flag pole and flag on Ba Dinh Square, Hanoi.

Co To is an island district over 100 km from the mainland with more than 70 large and small islands, with the floating land area of 4,620 ha and sea border length of about 100 kilometers. On May 9, 1961, Uncle Ho visited the island on a helicopter. He had a talk and encouraged the army and people on the island to unite and make progress. He said that the Party and Government always cared about the people of the island and hoped that the people of the islands would unite and make progress. This showed that he highly appreciated the importance and strategic position of national defense and security of the waters of Co To Island.

Stemming from the importance and strategic location of economic development, ensuring national sovereignty, and Uncle Ho's special affection for this place, according to the wishes of the people on the island, Uncle Ho agreed to allow the construction of his statue on the island when he was still alive. On May 19, 1968, the army and people on Co To Island happily welcomed the inauguration of the statue of Uncle Ho (hich was erected at the place where the helicopter landed and where Uncle Ho stood and talked with the soldiers and people on the island in the past.

After 62 years since Uncle Ho's visit to the island, Co To has transformed itself into a shining pearl in the Northeast region of the country. The island now has national electricity, a boat station, an anchorage area to avoid storms, a logistics area for seafood processing and fresh water supply. Islanders have boosted marine economic and tourism development. As a result, the district completed the construction of a new rural area in 2015; 100% of local schools meet national standards. Annual economic growth reaches 15-16% per year. In 2019, the district no longer had poor households.

Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of the Co To District People's Committee Nguyen Viet Dung said that Co To has become an attractive, different and highly competitive destination with world-class tourism products. The island district has improved the quality of community tourism services associated with indigenous culture; promoting tourism connection via air and sea from Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho to Van Don and Co To./.


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