Uncle Ho’s ideology puts people centre of development

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On January 1, 1955, the first and largest military parade took place on Ba Dinh Square to welcome President Ho Chi Minh and the Party Central Committee to the capital after 9 years of resistance war.

When Uncle appeared at any event, there was almost no distance between the people and the leader.

President Ho Chi Minh is great in the hearts of the people because of his ideas about the people. "Nothing in the sky is more precious than the people. In the world, nothing is more precious than the united force of the people." His short and simple sayings contain the great thought that people are the origin of the nation.

The will and strength of the people's hearts combined with correct leadership are the strongholds to defend the country. In an article on the occasion of the 131st birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong clarified that the true and good values of socialism that are truly for the people, and take the people as a central position in the development strategy - that is also the path that President Ho Chi Minh, our Party and people have chosen and are persistently pursuing.

And at this point, looking at the fight against COVID-19 that Vietnam has persistently carried out over the past 1 year, there is no other goal than the people's health that comes first and foremost.

A country cannot do miracles without an elite public apparatus and consensus among the people. The people's heart is the national treasure. The people's heart is a strong wall to protect the nation from hardship. In addition, every decision from the people in charge is always directed to the people, so that the people believe and respond unanimously.

Looking into history and reflecting on the present, it can be seen that President Ho Chi Minh's thought to consider the people the origin of the country has always been the strength to help Vietnam stay strong in all circumstances, especially when the country is at a historic turning point, which requires mobilizing great material and spiritual resources to continue to make a breakthrough./.


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