Uncle Ho Statue constructed to mark his affection for public security forces

Minister To Lam and other leaders offer incense in front of the President Ho Chi Minh Statue. (Photo: bocongan.gov.vn)

After a period of urgent construction, the President Ho Chi Minh Statue was completed with two main items, including the monolithic Statue of Uncle Ho cast in bronze with a height of 2.75 meters placed on a granite pedestal of 1.75 meters; the landscape around Uncle Ho's statue which consists of a park, a lotus pond, a stone block engraved with the Six things Uncle Ho taught the People's Public Security and a number of auxiliary works.

Speaking at the ceremony, Politburo member and Minister of Public Security General To Lam said that, in order to show gratitude and show the affection of the People's Public Security force for the great revolutionary cause of President Ho Chi Minh, the Central Public Security Party Committee and the Ministry of Public Security decided to build the Statute of Uncle Ho at a solemn position in the campus of the headquarters at No. 258 Nguyen Trai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

“This is a typical cultural work with traditional educational value, a red address for generations of police officers and soldiers to give him the deepest feelings and gratitude,” said General Lam.

In front of President Ho Chi Minh's heroic spirit, he affirmed that the People's Public Security force would wholeheartedly promote the glorious heroic tradition, constantly improve political skills and professional qualifications to promote the movement to study and follow Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style in association with the emulation movement to study and follow the Six things Uncle Ho taught the People's Public Security, in order to build a truly clean, strong, regular, elite and modern People's Public Security force, contributing to the construction of a rich people, strong, democratic, fair and civilized country, standing shoulder to shoulder with other countries in the world, according to Uncle Ho’s will./.


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