Uncle Ho always cares for pupils

Uncle Ho and pupils of the Trung Vuong School in Hanoi in 1956 (Documentary photo)

On the occasion of the first new school-year day of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in September 1945, he wrote a letter to pupils, confirming that whether the Vietnamese country become beautiful or not, whether the Vietnamese people can step up to the glory to compete with the great powers of the five continents, is thanks in a great part to the pupils’ studying.

Throughout his life, he devoted much of his mind to writing for children. The writing contains the concerns, thoughts and advice of Uncle Ho to young people.

Opening a poem on children, he wrote that children were like young buds on branches, and it was good for them to sleep, eat and study well.

Affirming that teenagers and children are the future owners of the country, he asked the entire Party, the people and all forces to pay attention to, care for and educate them well.

In a poem for children in the 1952 Mid-autumn festival, he encouraged the children to emulate in studying and doing things that are suitable for their strength.

His love and teachings still accompany teenagers and children of all times. Generations of Vietnamese students have been enthusiastically studying, practicing, participating in many movements to be worthy of being Uncle Ho's good children, the future owners of the country, contributing to building an increasingly stronger country, as his wish./.


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